Revolutionizing Grilling

There can be great difficulty when using a rotisserie in getting the balance and securing the meat or poultry right. So we decided to fix that.

One of our standout contributions to the world of grilling is our patented Rotiscope Technology™.

HUB II Rotisserie Duck

The Birth of

Rotiscope Technology™

This proprietary innovation is a testament to Everdure's commitment to combining precision and simplicity in outdoor cooking. It's all about elevating the art of rotisserie grilling to ensure consistent and impressive results every time.

Unraveling Rotiscope Technology™

Designed to take the hard work out of rotisserie cooking.

The Key Features

Optimized System

The rotisserie poles are integrated into the body of the grill when not in use. Simply press the top of the poles on the HUB™ or FUSION™ for quick release and then set to one of the adjustable heights.


Precision Control

With Rotiscope Technology™, you have precise control over how you cook your food. This means you can adjust the height of the poles to suit different recipes and cooking techniques.


Effortless Operation

While precision is crucial, ease of use is equally important. Everdure's Rotiscope Technology™ is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to enjoy rotisserie cooking at the touch of a button.


Integrated Storage

Keep all your rotisserie tools in one easy-to-access space. Simply put the Cliplock™ Forks and rotisserie rod in the grill when not in use for sleek and convenient storage.



Everdure by Heston is constantly working on innovation. The HUB™ II features variable, one-touch height adjustable poles to take the Rotiscope Technology™ to new levels of convenience.

Never before has a rotisserie system been as easy to use. 

To start the rotisserie, simply press the rotisserie button and off you go. The motor is also housed within the rotisserie pole, keeping it out of sight and protected against the elements. 

Rotisserie Duck on Cliplock Forks

Cliplock™ Forks

The Cliplock™ Forks have been designed to eliminate slippage of the meat during cooking. The patented Everdure by Heston Cliplock™ Forks clip securely to the meat throughout the entire cooking process.

The Benefits of Rotiscope Technology™

Powered by a discreet motor, Rotiscope Technology™ is designed to add convenient and intuitive advantages to your outdoor cooking experience

Consistent Results

Achieving consistent results with rotisserie cooking can be challenging, but Rotiscope Technology™ multi-level height and large capacity takes care of that. Your food cooks evenly, ensuring that each bite is tender and succulent.


Whether you're roasting whole chickens, prime cuts of beef, or even delicate seafood, Rotiscope Technology™ allows you to experiment with a wide range of ingredients and cooking styles. The adjustable height means you can sear, baste, and roast to perfection.

Efficiency and Convenience

Rotiscope Technology™ simplifies the rotisserie cooking process, so you can focus on flavour and presentation. It also frees up your hands, allowing you to prepare other dishes or mingle with guests while your rotisserie masterpiece cooks.

HUB II and Rotisserie Cage in use


There's no denying the visual appeal of rotisserie cooking. With the precise rotation provided by Rotiscope Technology™, your food will turn heads and whet appetites as it sizzles and caramelizes on the grill. Utilize our other rotisserie accessories to get the most out of your grill.

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Rotiscope Technology™

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