FUSION Charcoal Tray
FUSION Charcoal Tray for perfect charcoal loading
HUB, HUB II Charcoal Tray
HUB, HUB II Charcoal Tray Replacement

Charcoal Tray


The Charcoal Tray is crafted to fit perfectly in your charcoal grill.

With two size ranges, perfect for your HUB™ and HUB™II or your FUSION™. 

The charcoal tray sits beneath the grill, allowing you to place your desired amount of charcoal and light it with ease.

This allows you to get your grill going quickly and evenly, and also helps to contain any sparks or flames. 

Purchase with our 100% Natural Lump Charcoal in either 10kg or 20kg.

  • Please check this part is suitable for your BBQ before purchasing

• Replacement product
• Two size options, suitable for HUB™ & HUB™ II or the FUSION™ charcoal barbeque
• Sits beneath the grill

  • HUB™
  • HUB™ II

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