Everdure by Heston Rotisserie Cage
Rotisserie Cage for BBQ
Rotisserie Cage Accessory for Grill

Rotisserie Cage


The Rotisserie Cage is the perfect tool for cooking delicious and evenly cooked food on your FORCE™ , FUSION™ or HUB™ grill.

Adaptors are provided for suitability with any other  8x8mm / 16 x 16mm square rod.

Crafted with a heavy duty food grade non-stick body with chrome grills, the Rotisserie Cage is built to last. It features adjustable height settings, making it suitable for a variety of food sizes and shapes.

The non-stick coating ensures that food is easy to remove and clean. 

The rotisserie cage is easy to use, and is a great way to make delicious grilled food and entertain guests.

The Rotisserie Cage can also be used with our Gas Rotisserie Kit.

• Designed specifically for the FORCE™ / FUSION™ / HUB™
• Compatible with any 8x8mm / 16 x 16mm square rod - adapters provided
• Great for vegetables and meats
• 4 Height settings
• Food grade non stick body, chrome grills
• Patented design application

• Food grade non stick body
• Chrome grills


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